Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Common Goods: You Make Me Feel So Much Better.

I know a lot of people are unnerved by the site of medical uniforms. I guess there's no better reminder of your fragile mortality than setting your eyes on people who are employed to do nothing more than fix you when you break. I have a different feeling when I spot a nurse's uniform: total comfort. My school nurse was a fetchingly maternal red head named Mrs. Melamed, and as a burgeoning hypochondriac I visited her every chance I got. I found reasons to need band-aids, tissues, a drink of water, those cheese/peanutbutter cracker packs she had in her office, anything just so I could show up in front of her and know that I was ok. She made me feel safe. She also called my parents and ratted me out as a frequent visitor, but it's ok; I forgive her. In honor of my fond memories of nurse Melamed, here are some Common Goods:

Don't you just feel better now?

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Camilla said...

Hey! I wanna be in the blog as an RN. I'm going on a thrift store hunt for a white cap.