Monday, January 11, 2010

Who's That Girl?: Emily Haines

Who's that girl? Emily Haines. Who's that? Read the post.

The newest Metric album dropped this past summer, but it hasn't left my earbuds since. I'm a little obsessed with the angelic lead vocal over hard rhythm-ness of the music and the lyrics get me everytime: "Help, I'm alive." Who hasn't felt that way now and again?

The lyrics and voice of Metric belong to Emily Haines. She's a lithe lil thing a'la Kate Moss in the early '90s, but the girl packs an energetic punch. Her wardrobe for Metric shows and videos is a sparkly discoball (love the discoball) of showyness. She's a fan of the glittering silver ensemble and her blond hair makes her whole look rock glam in a moviestar kind of way. Emily is a busy songstress and has lent her musicla talents to many other arrangements. She's a member or the rotating line-up of Broken Social Scene and also composes solo music under the band name Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton. She's got range from rockin' to restful, with most of her solo stuff eminating from melodic piano riffs and slowed down, sentimental synth work.

Emily's a daughter of a poet, and her poetic spirit motivates her music writing. She's said she is trying to pen the human experience so that people know they aren't alone. I appreciate that, and with the lyrics like, "Hard to be soft/tough to be tender," she's got me pegged. Oh, and again, "Help, I'm alive." That one feels about right today.

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