Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Brett Manning Is A Girl.

Some artists have a way with smiles, or a great method of rendering the perfect hand, or they capture the twinkle in an eye with graphite on paper so well that it stares at you. Then, some have a way with texture. Ms. Brett Manning is an artist with a knack for rendering fabrics and hair and textiles in such rich detail that it begs to be worn or touched, even in two dimensions.

Her illustration work is unique and full of something special that comes through in her advanced technique that looks effortless on paper. Don't be fooled by her boyish name, Brett's site insists she's all girl; and the girl's got the goods. You can scoop up prints of her paper works or tees with her great graphics printed right on the front. That's where fashion illustration belongs, right? On clothing. It's so meta. I love it. Maybe next she could make a dress in a fabric printed with a pattern of her sketches of dresses, or a cotton scarf printed with her drawing of lush knits? Just a thought...

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