Monday, December 01, 2008

She's Doing Quite Well

Emily Wells is the rising princess of DIY. As a musician in search of that ever-elusive beast called Creative Control, she's sacrificed big-bucks record deals and shiny new instruments to forge her own path. She's driven herself around the country on tiny tours, built her own recording studio, and I'd be willing to bet cash that she twists her own dreadlocks. Her music sounds homemade in the best way possible, right up there with other do-it-yourself goddesses like M.I.A. and Peaches, but with a slightly gentler vibe. She works hard for her sound and it shows.

She's also a singular wardrobe sensation. Whether she looks hip-hop tough in a tilted trucker, or she rocks tutus over jeans, Emily's definitely creatively controlling her outfits. While sometimes her look can be a little "hacky-sack-out-back-behind-the-dorms-later?" in a weird way I find it appealing. It looks like fun and reminds me of college. Also, I will forever have respect for a girl who records a crazy-cool cover of Biggie's "Juicy" with a heavy beat and haunting vocals (check it out here on her MySpace page).

Her new album is called The Symphonies:Dreams, Memories, & Parties and one listen will prove all of Emily's hard work has paid off.

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