Sunday, September 28, 2008

Allons-y! (That's "Let's Go!" in Francais)

Hold on to your berets kids, it's Paris time! We are right on schedule for the opening of SS '09 Paris Fashion Week, the biggest kahuna of them all (sorry New York, but it's true). We've got a lot of shows ahead of us and here's some of the info you'll need to prepare: You can click here to view the official itinerary of the week. The biggest of the big guns come out locked and loaded in Paris: Gaultier, Pugh, Galliano, Yamamoto, Ghesquiere, Lagerfeld, McQueen. Ooh la la! I'm so excited I could oui, oui! Oh, I just couldn't resist. How declasse of me!

The Parisienne streets are alive with mode. Take a look at who Face Hunter caught stalking the Rues in the city of light...

The cutest little gamine that side of the Seine, and a serious heavy metal fan. Plenty more are sure to follow. Stay close, mon chers!

images: FaceHunter

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