Monday, September 29, 2008

Barely There is Everywhere

Ok, so the trend fairies have struck again. Once more I'm wondering where the secret hideout is. Where is it that all the designers show up and hash out the rules for the season? Who decided that every third look in every major collection has to be see-through? Galliano has definitely kept up his end of the trend pact. His Dior show was full of barely there offerings.

Now before you get tempted to rip the linings out of all of your old clothes from last Spring, please carefully consider the inherent obstacles in dressing for show. You must pay extra special attention to your undergarments. Do not throw on some Hanes and expect to look elegant, people. Success with this look will require your most careful consideration. I beg of you, think long and hard about everything beneath the surface.

As an aside, I have to compliment Mr. Galliano on his diva stance. Perfect form John!


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