Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Apocalypse Now

I hate to seem like too much of a devotee, but Rodarte leaves me a bit breathless with every new collection. I've heard chatter decrying their designs for being unwearable, but to me they are works of art to be inspected and admired. For proof just take a look at the close-ups of their clothing:

Beautiful details woven onto transparent mesh and collaged together.
Besides, I think they are just ahead of their time, when the world blows from too much greenhouse gas or a misplaced Russian finger, their gowns will be the thing to wear to the after party for the Apocalypse.

Just accessorize with gilded tresses and some strangely sculptural arm candy and you'll be set.

1 comment:

laursn said...

I think these are my favorite, esp the top two. They are so delicate looking and yet sort of frenzied with all the different pieces and colors.
love them