Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Proud to Be An American

A Marc Jacobs show has become the apex of fashion week. So much anticipation, so many celebrities (how happy does Martha Stewart look next to hockey hunk Sean Avery?), and so many looks. Layers upon layers of influences, references, and patterns were put through the spin cycle of Jacobs' brain and came out looking like the melting pot that is America.

Aprons in flannel flashbacks to Marc's grungier days, turn of the century nip-waisted jackets, and de-reconstructed calf-length skirts were accented with chunky accessories.

Those are the real money makers that Mr. Jacobs is so good at creating. He ended the show with simpl(er) column dresses in a 30's nod, and even a skirt of his own.

Head on over the the Times for Cathy Horyn's review of the show, which spins it into an intriguing comment on a woman's right to vote.

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