Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One More NY Note

Now that we are thoroughly enmeshed in the craze of future Spring looks, Fall has arrived in real time and it's time to do some shopping. As a Jersey Girl, I was raised in malls. Now that New York is my stomping and shopping ground, I've discovered that there are certain blocks that can provide the same one-stop-shop experience (minus a few of the perks like climate control, easily accessible restrooms, a centralized food court, and mall walkers).

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My favorite mall-like shopping stretch in the big city is 5th Avenue between 15th and 19th streets. This is where the practically priced looks live. You've got Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Free People, H&M, Gap, J.Crew, Zara, and a slew of other reasonable retailers at your disposal. I have a pretty good hunch that this is where the Village Voice's excellent, eccentric fashion writer Lynn Yaeger did her research for this recent article. It is a well-written summary of the above mentioned stores' fall offerings. Print it out and take it with you as you follow the Google Brick Road.

As long as you are in the area, if you take 17th street and head west towards 7th Avenue, you walk through the best two block stretch of vintage stores in Manhattan (don't miss Housing Works Thrift Shop) and wind up at Loehmann's, every patient shopper's best friend.

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