Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mizrahi Has His Moment

Don't call it a comeback, just let Mizrahi knock you out with his revival. Pretty fabrics wrapped like delicate paper packages, colors that seem to make their own light, and peekaboo neon bike shorts paired with boned corset-cut tops are all evidence for Mizrahi's emergence from the Target cocoon he's wrapped himself in for the past few years. His insect inspired collection makes me want wings, or at least pieces that make me appear to have them. Unzipped was such a formative influence on my fashion fervor that Mizrahi can rightfully be called a Founding Father of iwanttowearit. Here's to a show worthy of the buzz!

Now, if he could get these looks (especially those shoes and that little mint number up top) into the price range for the masses that I've come to expect from him, I'd love him even more.
For old time's sake, here's a clip of Issac in action:

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