Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palette Cleanser (or not!)

Fashion Week Overload? Take a breather from Bryant Park and ogle these lovely nuggets from the annual fashion trainwreck that is the VMA's.

Pink goes gray and way overstriped.

Solange hides everything she's got under a hot pink puff and has an alternating manicure.

Bizarro Zooey Deschanel (Katy Perry) barely gets dressed

La Diva X-Tina does her best Donatella

All images are courtesy of the Fug Girls who specialize in all things funnily friggin' fugly.


laursn said...

I'm so glad I ran into you the other day. I had know idea you were so into fashion and so well-versed about designers... I am looking forward to learning more about your interests, and about the fashion world!! YAY!
I love it and am adding you to my feed reader.

Anna Yanofsky said...

Thanks Laurie! Send me your site, I'd love to see it. So good to see you!

laursn said...

anna, can you email me so i have your address? my email is

I am LOVING your blog. I am learning from it, and man, the pics you have chosen are FAB.

love those wiring around the ankle pics above! I want to be fashionable now!

but... no$$