Friday, September 19, 2008

Pac It Up, Pac It In

Giles Deacon invoked the spirit of power hungry, video game godfather Pac-Man in his catwalk ode to 80's graphic design.

I don't know who instructed the pink clad model on her walk, but someone should have told her to crack a smile. How does one wear a Pac-Man helmet without laughing? I mean that is either a sign of great talent or an extreme case of mental vacuousness; I can't decide which. Maybe it was too heavy to smile? I love the bedazzled dress on the right, I can imagine glammed up geeky gamers everywhere donning it for a black tie tournament held in some arcade.

There were some great prints and pretty shapes in the show (like the b+w and crazy camo pictured below), but it was a little hard to concentrate on anything other than that giant Pac head.

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