Monday, September 22, 2008

Red Carpet Robotics

Stylists have ruined the good fun of red carpet watching. Everytime I check out an arrivals wrap-up, everyone looks varying degrees of perfectly acceptable. Personal style (for better or worse ) has disappeared from the pre-show parades taking most of the excitement of spectatorship with it. All the actresses pictured above at The Emmys last night have the gloss and gleam of a finished product: body sculpted by trainer, gown chosen by the same three stylists everyone uses, hair up-swept by top pro, and make-up freshly applied during red carpet pit stops. While they look great, it's all image over personality. They are like puzzles coated in shellack. All of the pieces fit together perfectly and when they are done, they have that nice plastic coated sheen. I know this is to be expected in Hollywood, it just seems to have reached epic proportions. With the proliferation of awards shows, I would like to suggest a premise for just one more. Invite the top-tier talent to compete for best red-carpet appearance with one stipulation: they pick out their own clothes, do their own hair and makeup, and match their own shoes. Now those would be some well-earned awards.

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