Monday, September 15, 2008

Take it to the Streets

If I was ever (god forbid?) to be in position to petition the folks at the Make a Wish Foundation for a dream day, I would beg to strap on a bike helmet and be a guest on Bill Cunningham's handlebars. His cheery, street fashion audio slide shows are the highlight of my Sunday Times web surfing. He loves what he does, and I love what he finds. This week he spotlights the footwear fever that has struck the fashion community. I saw more chunky, sky high, leg lifters in this city this week than I have in my two years of residence here and Bill captured a good sampling of them.

The best part is that he followed the teetering ladies around the corner where they shed their stilettos in favor of flip-flops. Ah, the fashion facade.

1 comment:

Rahul said...

I love the woman who was at the show barefoot.