Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gareth Save the Queen

Gareth Pugh has never been one to shy away from the slightly absurd for the sake of his art. From the moment he sent his signature inflatable garments down the runway, he announced his presence as a renegade bad boy on the fashion scene. Gareth seems to be seeking a royal pardon with his debut Paris collection, where stiff, origamiesque, Elizabethan collars give the girls a regal flair. He seems also to have created an army of white washed warriors to get things straightened out if his pardon gets denied.

While I always applaud a little mold-breaking, performance-art fashion, I'm slightly confused as to how these garments qualify as ready-to-wear. I'd love to follow them from the runway to the retail floor and see who takes these babies into the dressing room for a test spin.


*Update: I didn't have to wait very long! The Face Hunter caught this woman rocking a Pugh ensemble on the streets of Paris:

Futurama Mama. That's all I have to say about that.

Image: Face Hunter

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