Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Close Clothes

I saw the guy on this T-shirt, a Gap designed, screenprinted repro of Chuck Close's portrait of composer Philip Glass, on the street in NYC the other day. It was so strange to recognize someone from a decades old painting. Must be even stranger for him to see his head on cotton t-shirts all over town.

The image above is one of the many captured by The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman who is my modern day fashion hunting hero. Seriously, I think Schuman is changing the way people dress. Tailored, pulled together looks with that certain something extra that pushes them into the realm of chic are taking over the city. I think I have Schuman to thank for all of the eye candy.

His eye for the beautifully dressed, especially men in suits, has schooled many in the art of wearing it well. He's revived the reverence for the dandies and has given a new generation the permission to take their uber refined sense of style out into the public realm. A three piece suit for a bike ride, or a dog walk? Of course. His shots are so well lit and clean, and his eye for the most interesting gal or guy in the crowd is impeccable. Here are some of my favorite sightings from his site:

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