Saturday, September 20, 2008

Preschool Cool

True to fashionista form, I was dressing myself from an absurdly young age. As long as my older sister could reach my socks out of the top dresser drawer for my shorty self, I was quite capable of pulling together a smashing outfit for a half day of preschool. I actually wish I still had some of those clothes (especially a rather elegant turquoise pantsuit that I wore for picture day), but now I no longer have to wish. Eley Kishimoto has gone ahead and made a whole collection of kid's clothes for grown-ups. Check it out: smock dresses, babydolls, and jumpers fit for a day of fingerpainting.

I think it would be fun to travel back to a time when nap, snack, and playdates were my biggest commitments. Then again, that was also a time when losing my favorite toy was horrifyingly traumatic. Maybe I'm better off just playing dress up.

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