Monday, December 15, 2008

All of the Things Fit To Knit

There's a new crafty, indie kid in my neck of the woods (that's Jersey City, y'all) and it's a Knitting Cafe called Stockinette. They offer great coffee, home-baked pies, knitting classes, and all the yarn you could ever yearn for.

While virtually contemplating beginning a knitting class, I came across a few items that people have knitted that step way outside of the bounds of the scarf, sock, sweater circle.

Knitted chairs.

Soft ice cream.

A sweet sugar-free cupcake.

Knitted poo. Well, what do you think happens when you eat knitted ice cream and knitted cupckaes?

I bet I can convince the super-cool owner to teach me how to knit cupcakes and chairs. I won't even ask about the other stuff. I'll let you know when the class is...

1 comment:

Tiziana A. said...

my friends own the stockinette! i was going to mention that the other night!