Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nudie Needlework

Artist Tim Moore's subjects are of that lovely sector of the population that subjects you to seeing more of them than you may want to. Nudists have always slightly fascinated me. I mean I love the freedom of a little clotheslessness in the right (warm, dark, private) setting as much as the next person, but I've never craved doing the dishes disrobed, or playing bingo in the buff. I would never make my birthday suit my daily uniform for life's little tasks. I love clothing. I love when the strangers I encounter at the supermarket wear clothing. Nudists? Not so much. They love nudity and Tim Moore loves them.

Inspired by images from The Austrailian Naturist Magazine (NSFW, unless you work at a nudist colony), Moore does some traditional needlepoint embroidery of some very non-traditional scenes. Nakey basketball? Nakey rock climbing? Nakey kite flying? Yep. He covers it all. Call me prude, but i actually prefer Moore's work when you put his things down, flip 'em and reverse 'em. Backwards they are a bit less explicit and a bit more crazy-colorful.

I like how the strings show a little more clearly than the things. This is not your Gramma's embroidery, huh?

All images of Tim Moore's work are from Helen Gory Galerie.

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