Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One/One-Thousand: Clare Shilland

Clare Shilland has mined the overexposed, underage demographic for subjects that speak louder than the cliches that precede them. She snapped portraits at England's Underage Festival, a rock show for kids aged 14 to 18 with no guaridans allowed. Her photos of the fest capture that thing in youth that is so fun to remember, and also so torturous to recall. Remember your first music festival? Remember finding your identity in a rock T-shirt, a box of hair dye, and a piercing or two? Clare's photos of kids at concerts are portraits of self-discovery as much as they are a catalog of the the cool looks of fearless young'uns.

Clare is represented by Santucci & Co. and you can see her portfolio, including all of the photos above there. You can also see her work on the regular on her photo blog.

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