Friday, December 05, 2008

Hiding in Plain Sight

Veruschka is not a woman you would expect to fade into the background. The '60s supermodel has been a striking, uniquely beautiful muse to Richard Avedon, David Bailey, and other kings of fashion photography for decades. Her otherworldly features and insane yoga-induced flexibility always made her a stand-out stunner, but now she spends her days trying really hard to blend in.

Her art wolrd collaborations with Holger Trulzsch are slightly creepy but incredibly impressive. Veruschka does the impossible and disappears in plain sight under Trulzsch's awe-inspiring body paint. Her state of camouflage is completely convincing, and often you can't tell where the supermodel ends and the background begins. I suppose that it must be nice for a woman who has captivated crowds and cultivated stares her whole life to go unnoticed. The images are kind of like a fashion version of Where's Waldo?. Peruse her portfolio and play find the supermodel. I swear she's not in some of those shots...

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