Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wake and Bake

Freshly baked, warm bread straight from the oven is one of those pleasures that can't be overstated. Schmeared with some softened, salted butter? Yes, please! In an effort to be resourceful and thrifty my friend Jenny and I decided to teach ourselves the basics of bread making. Yesterday we got up extra early and got our bake on. We did some recipe testing and baked four different batches of bread. My arms are actually sore from all of the kneading that was required, but we now have eight delicious loaves of bread between us for less than we would have spent on one and a half at the store. We also have a new title to put on our CV's: Domestic Divas.

All of the kitchen time (and the fifth batch of bread we could have baked straight off of my flour/water/dough dirtied jeans) made me crave a sweet little apron to rock the next time we get all domestic. I found a great site called Ballyhoo Vintage that has the cutest little aprons at perfect prices for budgetistas.

Ok, so getting messy in pretty, little, lacy, cute vintage fabrics might not be so practical, but there's enough practicality in bread making. Aprons add a little pretty to the nitty gritty!

Click any pic for ordering information.

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