Sunday, December 21, 2008

International Laundry Day

As I've posted before, I quite enjoy the sights and smells of laundry day. That combined with my ridiculously unending curiosity led me to ask this question: What is laundry day like in other countries? To find out I did some Sunday investigating. Here's a peak into the laundry rooms of some of the far corners of the world:

In Mumbai the hand washing operation is staggering:

They really beat the dirt out of those clothes.

Here's a drive by view of laundry time on the street in China:

Boys in Africa do some bucket washing near a watering hole:

In Iceland, white laundry blows in the wind.

Apparently, in Japan you hang your laundry on your roof with your children on your head.

Sun drying saves energy in Spain:

Such gorgeous colors in this video.

Finally, if you are Uncle Buck you do laundry in the microwave.

I'm pretty sure he would do that in any country.

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