Monday, December 29, 2008

Remember That?: Get Into the Groove

Something about the Holidays makes me ridiculously nostalgic for vintage Madonna. I know, I know, it's strange. I think it has to do with the fact that the Material Girl always had the top spot on my "If this isn't wrapped up and presented to me, I may disown you" gift list to family members when I was a little girl. Whether is was a new set of black rubber bracelets, a pair of fingerless lace gloves (to fit a five year old--Mom had to sew those ones), or giant neon earrings, almost everything I would ask for would be Madonna-inspired. So, here's the video/movie mash-up for "Get Into The Groove" from Madge's mainstream big-screen debut. It's chock full of clips of the now crazy-armed pop star in her best movie role to date: Susan, that desperately sought wild-child who ate atomic orange cheese puffs with white gloves on and still looked cooler than the rest of the City.

There, I feel better. My craving is satisfied.

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Rahul said...

Ooo, I can tell that I'm going to like your "remember that" feature. That's Madonna's disembodied head floating in space at the 1:03 mark, right?