Monday, December 08, 2008

See-Line Woman

There almost aren't words for how much I love Nina Simone. Almost. The High Priestess of Soul sang emotion into songs like no one else. Whether it was her exuberant joy or bone-breaking sadness, you can feel it hit your eardrums and go straight for your gut. Her music is simple and made of pure talent, it defies time and genre. Today Simone's songs are inspiring fresh art. The contemporary remixes of her older works are some of my favorite sonic experiences and shouldn't be missed, but nothing compares to Ms. Simone doing Ms. Simone. With a glittering shimmy, a sly shake, and a firm grasp on everyone around her, Nina takes her song "See-Line Woman" for a live ride:

I love how much she's glittering, but how tough she's being. This video only confirms my theory that everyone needs a little Nina in their lives, even babies. If you've got a tiny tot to dress, get them in a Nina Simone onesie from Reckon pronto.

They'll be shimmying and shaking in no time. Well, they'll probably do that anyway, but now they'll look super-cool doing it!

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