Monday, December 08, 2008

Fashion Crush: Alexander Fury

I was just catching up on the footage from SHOWstudio's excellent "Let There Be Light". I loved the concept behind the project: complete and total behind-the-scenes access to a Nick Knight photoshoot, but it turns out I love the site's Fashion Director Alexander Fury even more.

Click to play video of Alex. The "Balenciaga Dress" bit is my fave.

At first glance his extra tight jeans and neo-80s-asymmetrical haircut made me wary, but one listen to his super-accent, and a quick minute witnessing his self-conscious gestures made me fall truly, madly, deeply. Alex is more than a cutie; he knows his stuff. I feel like I'm back in Art History lecture listening to him extol the virtues of a dress with a full explanation of its historical references, craftsmanship, materials, and cultural significance. He obviously loves fashion in that endearingly dorky way that makes me feel better about my own obsession. I heart Alex. Please sir, may I have some more?

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