Monday, December 15, 2008

Model Citizen: Helena Christensen

If I were the type to make overreaching superlative statements, I'd definitely say that Helena Christensen is the most dynamic model to have emerged out of the supermodel-saturated '90s. With a Danish father and a Peruvian mother, Helena's integrated genes produced some seriously sexy, exotic features. Her dark complexion, green eyes, and full figure were enough to propel her into the spotlight and keep her there for nearly 20 years.

Christensen has always been more than a pretty face, which makes her even more beautiful. She was a photographer before she was a model and started posing to pay for her photo trips. In 1999 she co-founded Nylon and served as the indie mag's original creative director. She's opened Butik, a Chelsea-based housewares and clothing shop with a vintage focus. She's friends and creative collaborators with Michael Stipe and Bono, and co-designs an eponymous clothing line. Simply put: She's a talented lady.

Today Christensen's latest photographic works go on display at the Dactyl Foundation. The show is called "Far, From Close" and features a wide array of the model-snapper's landscapes and abstractions. With an eye for angle and a penchant for perspective, the images share an isolationist vibe and get a heavy dose of texture from Helena's blurred aesthetic.

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