Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gift It: Button Up!

Mark Pawson makes buttons, or badges as the kids say in London. I'm a big fan of badges. They are a transitory accessory that can be used to perk up your more permanent fashion statements, like your winter coat, your nicer leather bag, or your boots. Can you stick a pin through it? Then you can badge it. Pawson makes makes his buttons out of many things: old price tags, photos of homes, airmail envelopes.

My favorite group of buttons is a series that Pawson made out of his own favorite shirts. When his Westwood and Paul Smiths were worn too thin, he made mini-badges out of the fabrics and packaged them in sets of four. Pawson tells his shoppers the shirt stories on his site. Order a batch of badges and then click below to read their life story.

If you don't mind a pin prick in your items, you can stick it to your wardrobe as much as you want with Pawson's clever little badges. Scoop them up for friends and family or yourself. They are coming from London so a package will run you about $8.

Pawson makes all kinds of art. Earlier this year he showed a sampling at the kooky cool Tatty Devine store. I quite enjoyed this virtual float through the store's preview of Mark's work.

Cliches abound (art gallery babies, asymmetrical hair cuts, handlebar mustaches) but it looks like fun.

All images from Pawson's web page.

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