Sunday, December 28, 2008

Resepect Your Elders

I'm a big fan of the more wise among us. I love the stories I hear and the lessons I learn from those with a few more years under their belt than me. I noticed this year that the golden set were getting their due respect in the fashion arena, and I couldn't have been more pleased. The Moment, which is The New York Times fashion blog also noticed as part of their year-end wrap-up of fashion trends. In their post called "Fashion Grows Up" I found a link to Advanced Style and now I'm hooked.

This street style blog distinguishes itself from the many on the market by covering the stylings of senior scenesters. I'm such a fan of older people maintaining their sense of style. When I was younger I thought that there was an age that you reached where your pants had to be hiked up and your hair had to be fluffed and your bags had to be fanny packed. It scared me. I'm not scared anymore, kids. I'm ready to grow up. Well, in due time of course.

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