Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something Borrowed

Luxury loaners all lined up on Ilus' racks.

Ilus New York is a dress shop with library envy. All the dresses in the large wallk-in-closet-sized Nolita boutique are loaners. The dresses on the racks are special occasion worthy and can multi-task; they make you look good while saving you the wallet full of cash you would have dropped on buying them retail. With name-brand designers at the ready, Ilus is your go to spot for gowns, cocktail dresses, shawls, handbags, and jewelry that will keep up your appearances in a very Cinderella fashion. Here's how it works: Come into the shop and try on a fresh selection of fashion-friendly dresses (and accessories) and find one that fits you like a glove. Pay the borrower's fee and it's yours for three lovely nights of gala going, dinner dancing, and party prancing. Then, you return it to the shop happy to not have one more over-photoed dress cramming your tight closet space. If you fall in love with the dress and have to have it, it can be yours for the purchase price. This concept is perfect for the Holiday Season, when a girl's social calendar can fill up quite quick. Here are a few designer dresses I'd like to spend a night (or three) with:

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