Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gift It: Subscribe

I'm a hardcore magazine addict. It's an affliction I've suffered with from a very young age. I'd head out on foot to the nearest 7-Eleven with my allowance all balled up in my fourth-grader fist and plunk it on the counter in exchange for a fresh copy of Vogue. Now, with magazine sales in decline, subscriptions to certain pubs are even cheaper than the prices I used to pay way back when. I was flipping through the newly relaunched Interview Magazine this weekend and a sub card slipped out that offered 12 issues of the oversize mag for $8. The website says $9.97, but that's still a great deal. Sign up a friend and let them remember you fondly once a month as they flip through Fabien Baron's latest art-directed issue. You can pick up the most current copy and wrap it up so that you don't feel empty handed. Or, you can spring for a back issue on a topic of interest and make them happy now and later.

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laursn said...

I am so a magazine addict. In fact, for some reason, I've been unable to read books for the past year. I pick them up and none of them sustain my interest. but thank god for monday nights, when I receive my copy of New York magazine in the mail. I think it borders on brilliance. You should go on line and check out the 40th anniversary NY issue, if you haven't already. I actually made all my students pony up and buy it.

AS always, your blog is amazing and just keeps getting better. THANKS for entertaining me during my dreary work day!