Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sales Pitch: Alice + Olivia, Prairie New York, Joey's Showroom

Penny pinching means many things to many people. Ask ten people to define a bargain, and you'll get twenty answers. For me a bargain generally requires a deep, deep discount off of already inexpensive items, but cheap is my favorite color. For others, a bargain is a dress formerly selling for $675 now going for $235. Still too rich for my blood, but who am I to judge? Sales Pitch tells you the stats, and leaves it up to you to decide what qualifies as a deal. Here's a round-up of what's on markdown tomorrow:

Get your less-than-wholsale shop on. Click a femme for more details.

1 comment:

Blaire Walsh said...

the lauren merkin sale is unbelievable. i got so many beautiful bags there the other day. some are $20 and it's been extended to sunday!