Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gift It: Plates that Pop

I purchased these Warhol lip plates at the Whitney Museum a few months back and have been getting mouths full of compliments on them ever since. I put them on the coffee table for use as coasters and they are quite the conversation piece.

Want a sundae in a fitting dish? Scoop up the Warhol banana bowls for some seriously well-served splits.
Each set of serving ware won't set you back more than $20. Click the images above for ordering information.


Heather P. said...

Miss Anna:

Laila told me to check out your blog and I'm loving it and have subscribed to your RSS feed! Keep up the fab work!

If you ever have reason to come to Pittsburgh (where I live now -- unexpected, right?), you must check out the Andy Warhol museum. You will adore it.

Oh, and obviously I'll be checking out Rahul Owns My Soul Next.

Lots of love.


Anna Yanofsky said...

Heather P.! You are a prime candidate for a Closet Case. You could be a wonderful reason to show up in Pittsburgh. Thanks for the love and drop me an email so I can get in touch with your fine self.