Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kidding Around

This is golden. It's a copy of a kindergarten year book photo from my alma mater, Littleton Elementary School. A friend of mine's sister is a member of this sharply dressed class of 1969, and when he showed it to me I knew I had to share it with you. Click the image to enlarge the photo and check out the stylin' duds these kids are rocking. I love the blond kid in the top row, third from left. Those glasses are so classy with that turtleneck! And the ties and colors on the rest of the kids? Too good. Don't miss Mrs. Zulauf, top left. Her collar is seriously out of this groovy world.

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Passion For Pretty said...

OMG, I went to Eastlake Elementary School!! LOL (I almost fell out the chair when I saw this)