Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fashion At Her Fingertips

Yuna Park is the only Nail Technician on the prestigious creative management agency Streeters New York roster. A few years ago manicurists began gaining credit for their work in magazines and at fashion shows, listed in editorial features right alongside the photographers, models, makeup artists, and hairstylists. Even among the limited number of name-brand nail painters in the fashion industry, Yuna's portfolio is a clear standout. She works with the top photogrpahers for all the top publications and while perusing her pics, I realized that any of the shots I've admired in the last few years simply for their manicures have been done by Park.

Christina Ricci's yellow paint job for Another Magazine? The black tips on Guinevere van Seenus in that Mert & Marcus shoot for W? Julianne Moore's inches-long red talons? It's all Park's work and it all adds something vital to the final product.

Head on over the the Streeters website to view the images above and Park's full portfolio.


laursn said...

I can't find her portfolio on that website! Can you help me find it, I want to see it!

Anna Yanofsky said...

Hey! Go to the StreetersLondon.com website and choose the New York location. Once the New York roster shows on your screen, use the scroll bar at the right to see Yuna's work. She is listed under "Nail Technician". Click her name and her portfolio will appear. You can use the arrow to view images one by one, or you can scroll down again and view thumbnails of them all. Thanks for letting me know you were having trouble. Trouble's no fun, and we have fun here!

Kendy said...

Excellent writeup. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Unknown said...

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