Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bust Out the Jams

Baby, it's cold outside. Or, at least it was cold outside until weird global warming weather returned. For the sake of the polar bears, I can only hope that the thermostat dips again and normal winter makes a come back. When the frost does return, you'll need some comfy sleepwear. Pajamas are one of life's little luxuries. Sure, you could slumber in that old "Brooke's Susperstar Bat Mitzvah!" tee and those old gym shorts, but puffy paint can be terribly itchy and you deserve a little comfort in these tough times. Here's a few PJ options to help sweeten your dreams on the cheap...

When I was younger there was a television commercial for laundry detergent that featured a woman trading in her own nightie for her husband's flannel pajamas. Ever since then, I've bee-lined for the men's section when I need a new sleepwear option. Cozy, over-sized, and soft (but not too soft! Are we not men?), sleeping in a men's flannel set is warm and a little hot all at the same time. These ones are $18 from Bill Blass and can be found at

Slippers are pajamas for your feet. Keep the tooties toasty pre-sleep with these candy-striped booties from Old Navy, $15

One piece sleepwear is a personal favorite. I'm a tosser-and-turner and sometimes my PJ's turn straitjacket in the middle of the night. A onesie keeps things in place. Also makes me feel like I'm in Never Never Land and adulthood is an option, not an obligation. Get this union suit from Target, $19.99.

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