Friday, December 05, 2008

Dos and Don'ts? Total Do!

Glamour Magazine's Dos and Don'ts were one of my favorite things growing up. While other nine-year-olds were actually splashing in the waves at the Jersey Shore, I was sandside reveling in the unusually high ratio of don'ts to dos that existed in Seaside Heights, NJ. I loved the back-of-the-mag feature. Of course the dos were helpful and totally doable, but the don'ts were pure finger-pointing, hysterical fun.

Glamour has added a whole new exciting dimension to the feature. It now exists as an interactive gallery where you can do some Don'tspotting of your own and upload candid snaps of the fashion statements that should have pled the Fifth. You can also post the dos of course, but we all know we're really there to see real-life mullets, exposed thong straps, cottage cheese thighs encased in gold lame, and oodles of plumber's crack. Once photos are uploaded the whole viewing population can rate the mishaps and crown ultimate don'ts (okay, and do's). It's all a bunch of nostalgic fun. So don't waste time, get Don'tspotting!

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