Thursday, December 18, 2008

They're Vegan, But Don't Eat Them

Now, be forewarned; these bags are a little pricier than what I usually post here on this thrift-minded fashion blog. I know it's wrong to produce lust in the hearts of many when I can't promise any true satisfaction, but these are too cool not to share. Take a look at these super-slick, color-rich bags by Matt and Nat:

They look like shine heavy leather right? Eeeehhhhh (that sound they make on Jeopardy)! They are vegan and made from Japanese paper. Oh yeah, baby. This is a clear sign that vegan fashion is moving on up into the cool kid's club. Matt & Nat have been using vegan, recycled, and innovative, sustainable materials to build a better handbag for the last eight years. The bags are certainly better for our Mama Earth, but they don't skimp on the style front. Now that you are in love with them, please know that these bags are about $160 to around $300. I dare say they are splurge-worthy though. Vegan luxury shouldn't be overlooked. Down with the granola, up with the high style!

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