Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheap Thrill: Dreaming

Ever since I met a brother and sister pair in the subway named Debbie and Harry (no joke, parents were major fans) the other day, my head has been absolutely swimming with Blondie songs, and it's worked wonders for my mood. In an effort to keep y'all happy and shiny in the face of projected nationwide pennilessness, I present the sage words of one of pop culture's most significant peroxide-tressed pop stars, Miss Deborah Harry: "Dreaming, dreaming is free..." I think that could be all we need to know in life. So, here's a recipe for happy: Watch this video of Debbie in a boob-baring teal number until it makes you smile, which I don't think will take very long.

Then rinse and repeat until you are dancing. Happy for free?! Yes, we can.

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