Monday, January 05, 2009

Vogue, Everlasting

There's been a lot of wondering in type these days about "What's Wrong With Vogue?" Notions of the magazine's staleness and need for reinvention are swirling around it's editrix, and inciting rumors of Anna Wintour's replacement. Though publisher Conde Nast has gone to great lengths to deny the replacement rumblings, I think all of this hullabaloo is simply a reaction to the glaring reality that the magazine is completely out-of-touch with the mainstream, modern woman. I think this is true in the best of times, but when women are pinching pennies, all of the glamorous escape editorials seem a little less glamorous and a little more chiding. The pages start to taunt instead of tantalize when wallets are on lockdown. But, the truth is that Vogue is the everlasting gobstopper of fashion magazines. It has been around for ages, since 1892 in fact, and has survived every shift, change, and cultural revolution that modern times have seen. Basically, it ain't goin' nowhere. Vogue will remain. Of course, it is inevitable that Wintour will not last forever, she will retire or be replaced at some point. Whether that point is near or far remains uncertain. What is certain is that Vogue has done some amazing work in its tenure as fashion's go-to guide. Here are some gorgeous cover shots from the magazine's archives:

See, this fashion magazine has been around longer than photo covers. That's impressive. You can get details of all of the covers posted above by clicking an image, and you can also see the Vogue cover archive by clicking here.

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