Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good To The Last Drop

Today is Jackson Pollock's birthday. He's the guy who splattered, dripped, dropped, drizzled, and poured latex house paint onto canvases and revolutionized painting. He's the one who poked people with a painting stick and made them wonder why this simple, nearly silly idea was making them feel so funny about the world. To celebrate the late, grate get yourself a cool-as-anything girlie tee with Pollock's likeness and splatterness printed on the front from Herman Lee over on

Supplies are extremely limited (maybe the artist can be coaxed into another printing round??) so hurry. If you can't get a tee, you can still get a little Pollock fix. Watch him do his thing:

Want to another way to celebrate? Get your own Pollock on and drop some virtual paint onto a virtual canvas. Fun.

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