Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Little Dolly'll Do Ya!

Ok, so you know how the economy is in the pits right now? You know how everyone is being so practical-minded and all? Thinking about the bottom line? I'm feeling a backlash brewing. I predict absolute mayhem will follow all of the recession repression that is inevitable for the next few years. Who will dress the manic masses when they need to break free from black shift dresses and all-purpose pants? It will be Jean Paul Lespagnard! A funny man with a tacky plan. His Dolly-Parton-meets-circus-clown clothes designed for an imaginary muse named Jacqueline who fries frites in a Belgian street-side stand for a living, won him the Hyeres Prize (both the official award and the Public's Choice) at this past year's festival. Here are the looks that got him the gold:

Part of his prize was to design a capsule collection for European retailer 1,2,3. For this collection, Lespagnard has died Jacqueline's hair and taken her out of the frites shop. She's now on a journey to find her dashing Rocky suitor in ensembles that veer a little more Flashdance than 9 to 5 (you will be really sad if you don't click that link right there). Here are the newest Bealsy outfits:

You can see more about Jean Paul Lespagnard's newest collection at Dazed Digital.

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the cherry blog said...

These outfits are amazing! I love them! I think its great when fashion meets fantasy and mixes it all a bit! thanks for a great post! xx