Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Thakoon Hits Target

I wish I was a little more liquid in the assets department right now because I would definitely be scooping up a rack full of Thakoon's new line for Target. The pieces are super cute but still hip and presentable. They are girlie without being "little girl." Here's a look at the line styled by Nylon's peeps:

The pieces are either a little Resorty or Global-Warming-chic. You can always grab a few items now and put 'em in storage for that glorious thaw that is Spring, or wait a day and see if the weather changes again. Since my lack of green is making me more choosy than ever, I need your help. I think I'm going for one of the dresses. Help me pick which one by perusing the line at Target.com. What do you think? I'm leaning towards the blue and white one in the top right corner, only I'll use the top buttons.

All above photos are from Nylon. Click here for more.

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