Friday, January 16, 2009

Remember That?: X-girl Clothing

When I was 13, my ever-the-coolest mother let my 16 year-old sister take me and my bestie Rosemarie into NYC to get actual X-Girl tees from the actual X-Girl store in Soho. She really understood that Romie and I could not go to Lollapalooza '95 unless we were in correct style. Remember X-Girl? It was the line co-designed by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and '90s stylist Daisy von Furth. Here's some vintage footage of the line's first fashion show to spark your memory.

Did you catch the show's producers? Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze! X-Girl rocked my world when I was a pre-teen. I used to wear my long-sleeved, black t-shirt with a globe graphic on it at least twice a week in seventh grade. I'd pair it with my black bell bottom, thrifted cords and my vintage platform Mary Janes. That was also the year that I regularly cut my own hair and stayed up until 2am to watch 120 Minutes on MTV in hopes that I could tape videos like "Bull in the Heather" and watch em over and over again until they got fuzzy on the VHS. Wait a sec, does all of this nostalgia mean that I'm getting old? No, no, no. I just miss my punked out riot grrrl days. I'm feeling a little rebel awakening. Watch out.


Rosemarie said...

That t-shirt took it to the next level. I was offically cool. Hilarious!

Heather said...

I have such nostalgia for this period. I remember Sofia Coppola had a line called Milk Fed and there was day-in-her-life story in Sassy magazine in which she got a very understately cool manicure (milky colored polish with a little jewel in the moon of the nail). As recently as our college years, X-Girl stuff was still being sold at the X-Large store in New York, which Paul used to drag me to whenever he was in town. Then I think the X-Girl label was replaced with something called X-Elle which was basically cheap looking streetwear. I had heard that there was a real deal X-Girl store in LA earlier this year and that Kim Gordon launched a limited edition fashion line in fall called Mirror/Dash (that consisted of, I think, one coat).

Rahul said...

How weird is Cindy Crawford?! And how hilarious is it that she's talking up this fashion line in her bikini? I want her to introduce a video of me talking about the prison industrial complex.

ellastica said...

i saw SY around 99' at a local music/arts festival ( kim wore these incredible bell-bottom pink jeans; i was totally in awe. i went through a colored jean craze for a while after that.
i flipped through the latest issue of x-girl magazine when i was up in seattle. it was aah-ite for what amounts to be over-priced thriftstore threads.
i miss house of style and 120 minutes so much! bands that mattered and were ignored by the mainstream actually got recognition and air-time.the golden age of alterna-daze have come and gone but the memories remain. thanks for the stroll down memory lane!