Monday, January 05, 2009

One/One-Thousand: Elaine Constantine

Elaine Constantine's photographs were a shiny, happy lifeboat for fashion photography back in the latter part of the '90s. In a dark sea of grunge and heroine chic, Constantine's color-saturated, smiley, energetic images were a healthy shock to a system that needed to wake up from last night's party. I was so taken with her editorials for mags like The Face and Vogue when I was younger that I plastered them around my room and would spend hours daydreaming about joining the party they seemed to peek in on. Look how much fun they are having:

They are like an energy drink and candy meal. They make me remember the sugar high of preteen sleepovers. Looking at them, I kind of want to put someone's bra in the freezer just for the hell of it and dance around to old school Janet Jackson. That's just me. What do they make you want to do?

Elaine Constantine is represented by Santucci & Co. and you can see all of these images, plus more from her portfolio, on their site.

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