Saturday, January 03, 2009

Once Again, With Feeling

Bill Cunningham is one of my favorite people on earth, fashion related or not. He is so happy and his happy spreads right through his photos and online audio slideshows for The New York Times. His weekly look at what New York is wearing always makes me smile.

This week he features fashionistas with a mind for style and saving. Granted, not everyone has a museum quality 1960s Balenciaga coat in the closet, but if they do they should throw it on and stop lamenting their dwindling spending accounts. This is good encouragement to see what you have behind your closet doors. Get out the goodies, friends. Refresh and renew the oldies. If there is nothing there, take Bill's advice and stop throwing away your good designs just because you think they have some imaginary expiration date. Great style never goes out.

Photo: Bill Cunningham for The New York Times.

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