Monday, January 26, 2009

SAG Surfing

I used to be an awards show junkie. I feel like a trader to my fashionista generation, but I'm now easily bored by the overhype of it all. I do love a good red carpet parade, but as I've said a few times before, there is something so predictable about awards show fashion these past few years. The so-done, so-perfect looks are pretty, but not so exciting. Plus, how many butt-kiss fests do we need for celebs? I say they should be forced to bring school teachers as their dates, or EMT workers, or maybe the maids at their hotels. At least to one or two of the bajillion shows. It should be part of their SAG contracts.

Anywho...the SAGs are actually one of my favorite shows of the bunch. There is a softer, more relaxed vibe that often translates into the dress choices on display. I'm really loving the 1930s/40s tailoring and classic silver screen hair and makeup that's the look du jour. Starlets abounded last night...

Rosario Dawson dazzled in a draped ivory column and ruby lips.

Kate Winslet's blue was beautiful and her makeup was glowing.

I have to say that Evan Rachel Wood looked good, really good. The Dita double is usually not a fave of mine, but I'm loving the purple purse and shoes and the firefly brooch, and that color? Great with her new red hair.

I love, love, loved America's dark red manicure. Vampalicious.

Angelina is stunning. I know, that is the obvious statement of the century, but it always kind of surprises me to see her and register that even in what at first appears to be a shapeless, navy, simple frock of a dress, she looks great. Then, she turns around and the sexiness just slides right down her tattooed back and rises from her red-soled, nude, arched heels. Very nice.

Ok, so all of the above commentary, while true and heartfelt, feels a bit canned. You'll probably see the same pics and comments on every fashion blog. While I was combing for SAG pics I found myself more interested in what was happening behind the starlets. Here's some of the backround bits that made my morning:

America gets the finger from some headsetted handler...

...and then gets the "Mmmm, I'd hit it!" overerbite look from some suit behind her.

Anne Hathaway classes up the redtie rent-a-tux in this frame. Nice matching cumberbund, man. Nice.

I think this is Julia Ormond, but honestly I'm too distracted by the Pink Caped Crusader behind her to really concentrate enough to tell. That is amazing!

You've gotta love a good Bat Mitzvah DJ Suit. White suspenders and a white tie against all black? What time is the "Electric Slide"? I never miss it.

There, now I feel better.

Photos from Getty Images and Just Jared.

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ellastica said...

the color of America's dress is kinda blah but oddly enough it really flatters her skintone. she's such a cutie.
Julia was outshone by Mrs. Slocombe's body double!
hhmmm about that Vamp nail polish...
i wonder if that stuff is any good still. it's been discontinued for a while hasn't it?
remember the Vamp craze of the mid 90s?
that was nail polish pandemonium!