Thursday, January 08, 2009

Upper Lip Lovin'

A glut of media attention has proved that 2008 was the year of the mustache. According to The Huffington Post the surplus of scruff is economy related. Apparently the higher the unemployment rate, the lower the shaving rate. Corporate types are tossing the razor while they are on the dole and letting the facial fuzz flourish. I say bring on the 'stache. Go nuts, jobless guys! If this is what makes you feel better, I'm a fan. I'm a girl who loves some scruff on a guy, although unfortunately it is always more form than function (beard burn anyone?). I think I could definitely learn to love a 'stache. James Franco's Milk mustache warmed me up to the idea. One thing is certain though, if you are going to fuzz it up, you need to keep things clean. I can think of few things more stomach turning than bits of food caught in the crosshairs of a guy's face. So, invest in one of these and don't leave home without it:

It's a mustache comb necklace from the super-cool, Portland-based, online clothing boutique Makool Loves You. Ladies, don't leave all of the fuzzy-lipped fun for the guys. Take a hint from trend spotter Jill Sherman over at the always tasty Trend de la Creme and get your self your very own 'stache. Then you too can have a practical reason to sport the comb necklace.

And, if you'd rather eat a mustache than grow one, you are in luck! Neapolitan Printing & Co. makes a chocolate mustache on a stick.
Mmmmmm, mustache.

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Anisa said...

Aww thanks Anna!

just when I think mustaches aren't fun anymore, i spy one and get all excited!

SOS! said...

heeeeh that comb is adorable!!
xx-LJ from SOS!