Friday, January 30, 2009

Yes, It Is True.

Maira Kalman's beautifully illustrated storytelling of her inauguration day memories finally made it all sink in. We have a President named Barack Hussien Obama. That President is biracial. He is a realisitic optimist. His intelligence is broad, used considerately, and palpable. He can dance. I look at him dance with his wife and believe he loves her; can feel that love and hope for it. We have a new President that I, as a young person in America, can be proud to say is the leader of my country. We have a President who is the frequent subject of street art, really good street art. We have a President named Barack Obama who is not an old, white, man. Wow.

And, he looks damn good in a suit. There, now that revelation is fashion-related. Read Maira's entire, amazing piece over at The New York Times website.

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