Friday, January 16, 2009

One/One-Thousand: Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin's signature oversexed, darkness-tinged, ironic, glossy style is pure eye candy for the slightly devious soul. His post-'70s/pre-'80s work was the bridge from one decade of decadence to another. I've always loved his boldness and his bluntly sexual, slyly violent imagery, but with a fresh set of eyes his work looks like the next big thing again.

All the makeup, the big hair, and the maximalism look like things to aspire to in these lean (and getting leaner) times. Suddenly I completely understand the '80s: Bigger, more, better, now.

All images are copyright Guy Bourdin and can be seen at

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Mo said...

that is cool... i'm trying to learn different styles of photography, thanks for posting this